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Puppy Garden, Holon

Public garden design combined with unique Land Art for a developing neighborhood

The Story Gardens is a unique municipal project of land art in which works inspired by Hebrew children stories were commissioned from Israeli artists and then placed in green spaces throughout the city of Holon. By combining poetry and literature with plastic art, these colorful sculptures aim at raising awareness and familiarizing younger generations and new immigrants with the protagonists of Israeli children literature. Over 40 story gardens are spread across the city constituting a part of its green lungs and positioning Holon as one of Israel's greenest cities. 


"Here - is a garden: Puppy Garden. Puppy Garden. Puppy Garden.

The teacher is a bear. Who helps her? - The doll. 

Is there work to be done? - There is!!! Lots of work!"


Aarale Ben Arieh designed the sculptures inspired by a book written by Rafael Saporta and illustrated by Isa Hershkovitz. Located on a sandy hill nearby Gold Meir School, the garden includes figures of pale blue elephants and other animals besides wooden playground equipment, fitness facilities, lawns, and shaded sitting areas.


The project was completed in 2014.


Responsibilities: Grading plan, vegetation plan, fitness facilities details

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