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"Landscapes evolve from the mind..."

 - Lucius Burckhardt -

I am an imaginative person who comes up with innovative ideas and comprehensive plans that reflect the individually unique landscape features, community character, and client needs. One of my stand-out characteristics is the unwillingness to follow the beaten track:
I pursue progress, advancement, and sustainability.


Being curious and observant by nature, I often know what is going on around me but I am not afraid to ask further questions to deepen my analytical understanding. My experience in project organization and management helps me in making necessary decisions, taking the next steps, and delegating others if necessary. 


I can work independently but I prefer a collaborative working approach. My excellent communication and organization skills gained while working in international and interdisciplinary teams have so far enabled me to easily adapt to dynamic environments as well as differing project constellations and to improve the overall work flow.


While demonstrating a great capacity for work, I am ambitious to overcome hurdles - often with a smile on my face and with humor. I am a fast and self-motivated learner, always interested in solving difficult tasks as well as finding simple but elegant solutions and design alternatives. I have good judgement, an eye for detail, a passion for nature, cultural sensibility, an open and optimistic mind.


My professional work is a vocation and plays a great part in my life. 
You will find more details about my career and expertise here:

When I am not on an acute mission to make the world a better, beautiful, and resilient place -

I spent my private time with my beloved family and friends, volunteering in my kids' preschool, hiking in Brandenburg or traveling across the globe, practicing yoga and pilates, cultivating plants on my balconies, helping others with gardening advice, reading dystopian novels, playing acoustic guitar, watching movies, exploring new restaurants, going out... :)

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