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Nechushtan Bridge,  Tel Aviv

New construction design for a pedestrian bridge


Due to the layout of the existing bridge and the close proximity to the historical Chelouche bridge, there is a desire to redesign and strengthen its presence in the area. The new bridge is to become "a horizontal line in the urban landscape" without bows or vertical strings attached as the view from underneath the bridge will be seen by users of the Rails Boulevard that is to be planned as a linear park along the current parking area and thus requires special care.

The proposed final design is a firandel construction of diagonal steel beams in reminescence of the Ottoman railroad history of the area, with a wooden deck and a steel railing covered by a transparent steel net.

The construction is estimated to start with the implementation of the Rails Boulevard and after the construction of the light train underground. 


Client: Tel Aviv Municipality - Central District Planning Division with NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd.


Responsibilities: Detail design alternatives, bridge construction design research, SketchUp illustrations

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