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The Cultured Landscape of Tel Aviv – Yafo:
Analyzing and Assessing Multifaceted Drivers of Urban Transformation
within Everyday Landscape(s)        

Paper presentation within the international PhD program “Urban Metamorphoses”,
HafenCity University Hamburg on February 10, 2012




˜Problem definition / Relevance of research

  • Landscape theory and concepts

  • Case study: Tel Aviv-Yafo


˜Specification of research question(s)

  • Understanding of ‘landscape’ as a researcher

  • Research hypothesis and objectives

  • Detailed research interests


Conclusions for further research proceeding

  • Role of a landscape architect

  • Public participation and communication

  • Methodology, expected results,  further steps and goals



˜Cultured Landscape; ˜Urban Landscape; ˜Everyday Landscape; ˜˜Sense of Place; ˜Local and Regional Identity; ˜Urban Lifestyles;

˜Strollology; ˜Semantic Differential; ˜Participatory Planning; ˜˜Globalization; ˜Multi-ethnic Society; Urban Transformation

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