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Fields of Knowledge Campus Ramat  Efal

Educational and recreational landscapes for a public high school

The overall campus design is based on a grid of fields of education, culture, community and gardening/agriculture. The school buildings and sports facilities are arranged along a public boulevard comprised of connecting paths, transitory gardens, green roofs and community gardens as well as technical infrastructure underground.
Themed squares integrated into the public boulevard allow for the meeting of students, residents, and visitors - an experiential component for enriching community education and cooperative learning. 
The educational design emphasizes the freedom to learn through inquiry and action: Learning is not limited to the classroom or a specific building. It expands to flexible open or closed green spaces that can serve as areas of learning for intimate groups and change into forums for lectures and performances.

The material design is meant to be contemporary, local and sustainable. The flat layout of the buildings called for a real challenge in grading and stormwater runoff management. Construction is estimated to begin in 2017. 


Client: Ramat Gan Municipality


Responsibilities: Landscape plan, elevation plan, sections, 3D model, details 

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