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Porter School of Environmental Studies |   Tel Aviv University

Designing landscape with Green Building principles

Architects: Axelrod-Grobman Architects, Chen Architects, and Joseph Cory (Geotectura Studio)


The landscape design of the school, which is based on the principles of Green Building, represented a great design challenge requiring close cooperation of the entire design team, the architects, the landscape architects, the environmental consultant, the engineers, and the client, Dame Shirley Porter. The location of the school, outside the fenced campus, is an important factor which connects the site with the city and opens its activities to the public.


The designed landscape is accessible and constitutes of two main areas:

 1. The Main Entrance including its Green Basin with a connection to the street and the Science Promenade

 2. The Green Roof


Since the beginning of the design process, the plans and ideas have been exposed to the students, who contributed their ideas and recommendations.


The construction was completed in summer 2014. In November 2014 the LEED certification was reviewed with a final score of 92 points out of 93 pursued. In other words: Not only is the Porter School the first Platinum certified building in Israel  - but it is also one of only 17 projects globally which have achieved a score over 90 points: 0.4% of certified building.
Read here about the certification in detail.


Responsibilities: Landscape plan updates, details, illustrations, AIQ 2012 competition design, LEED correspondence, supervision

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