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HaZorfim Street,  Tel Aviv

Historic street redesign at the entrance to the Old City of Jaffa 


This project is strongly connected to the redevelopment of the French Hospital into W Hotel & Residences at the corner of Yefet and Louis Pasteur St. in Yafo.  
The overall aim is to create a pleasant pedestrian passage and entrance area to the Old City of Jaffa as well as to the hotel and residences. The redesign of the street and adjacent garden includes the use of local materials and local Mediterranean heat resistant and water saving vegetation, the improvement of the drainage trench, the provision of sitting areas and a maneuver area for serive vehicles.

The construction is estimated to start in 2016. 


Client: RFR Holding LLC with the Old Jaffa Development Company Ltd.


Responsibilities: Landscape plan, grading plan, public infrastructure coordination plan, vegetation plan, details

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