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Urban  Metamorphoses:  Discussing the need for perceptive and designed change  
regarding the cultured landscape(s) of Tel Aviv-Yafo       

Current state of research presentation at the 2012 ECLAS - PhD Colloquium in Warsaw

on September 19, 2012




Background: Landscape theory

Case Study: Tel AvivProblem definition

Research question(s)

‘Building stones’ of my research project

State of research and further proceeding

Expected results




˜Cultured Landscape; ˜Urban Landscape; ˜Everyday Landscape; ˜˜Sense of Place; ˜Local and Regional Identity; ˜Urban Lifestyles;

˜Strollology; ˜Semantic Differential; ˜Participatory Planning; ˜˜Globalization; ˜Multi-ethnic Society; Urban Transformation

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