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Architecture of Israel Quarterly 

2012 Project of the year: Second place in in the Environment and Landscape design category

Since 2010 architects, interior designers, landscape architects, researchers and students have been annually invited by the professional magazine to submit their works planned or written to the most prestigious architectural competition in Israel.

The international competition runs in six categories: buildings, interior design, landscape design, conceptual plans, students and research. Special credit will be given for creativity, feasibility, climate and environmental awareness. 
Both exhibition poster and virtual presentation submissions should include an eabstract describing the project, its location, purpose, uniqueness, and date of completion. Projects reaching the final stage will be published in a special issue of Architecture of Israel.




 "The Edge of the Kurkar cliff"

Environmental Development Plan for the Porter School of Environmental Studies and Science Promenade


The Porter School is located on the Science Promenade axis along the cliff overlooking the Ayalon Highway. The proximity of the promenade to the school was an inspiration to integrated installations that would reflect the ecological approach, the technological innovations and the energetic means which are available to the planners – all in accordance with the American Green Building certification (LEED). In this framework, the entry plaza will demonstrate greywater purification and the collection of rainwater for irrigation purposes, and the roof of the building, used for the air conditioning systems, will be utilized for experimentation and study of the value of vegetation as a factor in improving thermal comfort.


Employer: Braudo - Maoz Landscape Architecture Ltd., Tel Aviv


Resposibilities: Poster layout design (restricted to 2x A1), project illustrations and photographs

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